Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve: Before the presents are ripped open

My peeps are gonna have their Christmas Dinner in a while, but I thought I might find some time to blog first.

This year, we didn't have a Christmas tree cos it has been a really busy month and no one has the time to do so! D: Blame the humans. I was looking forward to biting all those sparkly balls just like I did last year too... :(

Anyway, the presents are out and mine's big!!

All these presents are those from and to those in the family! Including me,
of course!

See this big one? MINE :D

What's a Christmas Dinner without turkey right??

Mean humans :( Their excuse is that I'm allergic to chicken (I break out in rashes when I eat chicken or anything containing chicken...) and turkey is like chicken so NO. 

WHERE'S THE LOGIC HUMANS????? They say they don't wanna risk it. I'm very sure turkey is NOT like chicken. Humans... -shakes head-

Ooh the Christmas Dinner is starting! Maybe I could get some table scraps... I'm going off now! I'll post tomorrow about the presents :)

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Magic said...

Happy Christmas Muffin! I hope you do get some tasty treats even if you aren't allowed the turkey :-( Looking forward to seeing what you get in that big parcel! Have fun - woofs and licks from Magic xx