Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Hats and Mum's Craziness

Well folks, this is it. Mum has gone mad. She bought this tiny Christmas hat and she's making me wear it! I am NOT a happy dog.

"Mum, you outta your mind?"

It's a clip-on, so she clipped my fur and made me wear it!! And I did put up a lot fight, you may be glad to know! This picture took Mum 20 minutes and at least as many treats!!

I am only smiling because Mum was holding treats!

You may have noticed the hat lights up. As if it's very existence is not horrible enough. Why make ME wear it??

"Well, I took care of that."

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I can't wait to open presents! And celebrate the birth of Jesus and all, of course :) Have a Merry Christmas! (Though, I know it's a little early... xP)


GOOSE said...

I guess we all have to endure the head gear this time of year. I even had to wear bells on my tail and ears. Merry Christmas Muffin.

Ruby said...

Oh Muffin, why oh why do the peeps put thingies on our heads this time of year??? At least yours was very cute and lit up! I guess the up-side is that we DEMAND lots of treaties in order to get the pics, so there's that.
Yea pressies!! Can't wait to see the pics Muffin!
Have a great Christmas eve!


Cotton said...

That's it, your mom has officially lost her marbles. :)