Friday, December 7, 2012

Spam? I WANT IT.

Okay, so Mum was eating this really delicious looking meat that - get this -smells A LOT LIKE MY CANNED DOG FOOD. My beautiful, pawsome, delicious CANNED DOG FOOD which I get as a special treat every other weekend or so (mum says it isn't good to eat canned food every day cos it has a lot of salt blahh blahh blahh).

Mum says it isn't my canned food. She also says she would never eat my food. I don't trust her. Mum claims she's just eating Spam. It's apparently this meant thingy which smells like my canned food. Hmph.

The mysterious and sinister Spam.
Then, Mum had to torture it by eating it with bread. BREAD! She should know that's my OTHER favourite food!!! I have learnt that barking doesn't make humans give you food; looking cute does. Thus, I focused my full cuteness power on her! Hehehehe...

Cuteness level: FULL POWER!!!
I am sorry to report it failed D: So I guess that method isn't fail-proof. Humans are annoying... Mum was all, 'Spam is too salty and unhealthy for you, Muffin, you can't have it' when I know that she's just trying to keep all the food to herself! >:(


Ruby said...

Oh, man! No Spam for you?! I can't believe the 'cuteness' look didn't work. At least she could have given you some of the crust off the breads! Meanie. I would pout if I were you!


Muffin :D said...

Good idea... hehehe XD I should try that the next time!