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Hey there, everyone! I'm Muffin Lim, and I'm a Shih-Tzu. I live in Singapore, where it's almost hot sun all year round. My birthday's on March 21st, 2009 (I'm an Aries by the way) , and I want to grow up to be a clever and cute dog (who doesn't?)! I love eating, sleeping, and going out for walks! I don't really like strangers but I'm okay with them after a while. Anyway, here's how I met my mum and her family:

4th, June, 2009

  'I was gambolling around in my little cage which is sort of like a huge box (made of wood, maybe?) and a glass pane for people to stare at me. I was having a jolly good time chasing and biting my tail. I bet I looked cute, if the sighs and adoring looks from the little crowd that had gathered around my cage was any indication. I was only about 3 months old then, and super tiny. My tail was so annoying, always behind me, wagging like crazy, so I decided that if I gave it a good biting, it would stop moving. No such luck. It just followed me on and on.

  Then I noticed this girl who was staring at me and pressing a finger lightly on the glass, like she was trying to get my attention. I just started back for a while and turned to continue to bite my annoying tail. The girl talked to another adult (whom I now realise is mum's dad) and looking shocked, walked away, with her younger litter mate following closely behind.
  Then, the lady who took care of us opened my cage door (located opposite the glass pane) and carried me out. I was a little nervous. Where was she taking me to? She led me out of this glass door, and I saw that girl (my mum now) and her dad and litter mate. With a facial expression I can only describe as joy, she carried me. She gently stroked my with one finger while she listened to what har dad said.

  Eventually, she left with her dad and litter mate.  The lady taking care of me said something about them returning on Friday to collect me. When I was placed back into my cage, the other puppies congratulated me. "Pup, you've just been Chosen!" a Yorkshire Terrier yapped at me. It explained that when a puppy, like me, was Chosen, we would go to a loving owner and a new house.
  When Friday came, the lady that usually bathed us, washed me until I was super clean. True to the Yorkshire Terrier's words, that girl came with her dad and put a pet carrier and took me to my new home. I barked a quick goodbye to my fellow pups before leaving.'

So that's how I became part of the Lim family. Right now, I feel right at home, and would never want to move. Sometimes I wonder what became of the other Unchosen puppies back at the Pet Shop, and hope they also get Chosen by loving owners too!
Barks to you,

Hard to believe I was so small then!

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Muffin said...

Hi Muffin! I too am a dog called Muffin! I enjoy reading what you're up to do... Many barks from your new friends... mummy and I.