Sunday, January 6, 2013

Being Dogly

So mum was watching this documentary on the National Geographic channel about how dogs are developed in the womb and how their born and how they evolved from wolves. Which is all very interesting but I got tired after a while BOL.

I'm a male dog! Not a bitch (question: why is that an insult to humans? There's nothing wrong with being a girl dog). I do manly -- or in this case, dogly -- stuff like... sleeping? Um. I guess that's not very dogly... But still.

"Sorry mum, I have some very important sleeping to do."


GOOSE said...

No one takes sleep as seriously as we dogs. It is a dogly thing to do.

A Day In The Life Of A Goose said...

Hehehe, I take sleeping almost as seriously as marking (also another very manly doggy thing to do!)! :-D

Ruby said...

Oh, the sleepin' things is VERY important Muffin!! Can't the peeps just leave us be when were tryin' to snooze??? What is with that anyhu??


Loki Doberdog said...

MMMMMM delicious sleeeeeping. It is of the utmost importance!

Milo Robinson said...

Sleeping is a VERY dogly thing to do, sleeping all day while the humans work is what makes us dogs superior
Love Milo :)

Shekinah Duffer said...

Hey Muffin, good day! yeah I think sleeping is a dogly thing to

Heated Dog Bed

Mollie said...

There's nuffin like a good sleep, dreaming your running in the park, when the ol tootsies go..BOL xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

Muffin :D said...

I've read all your comments and I can see that sleeping is just as dogly and important to me as it is for you BOL :D