Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Giant Toy Collection!

Thank you to all those who responded to my previous post! So here it is... A post entirely for my toys! Mum finally got around to uploading the photos onto the laptop. It's hard for a dog with no thumbs to do that!

As you know, I have a whole bunch of toys!

They are all stuffed into an old doggy bed I once had as a puppy, before I got my very own kennel.

I'm a proud homeowner!

I used to have some toys in the past but they mysteriously got lost after I chewed a hole and fluff came out... I suspect the humans have something to do with it.... But anyways, these are the ones which are still alive and well. (Ok, maybe not well, but you get the idea.)

(In no particular order)

Toy(s) no 1. First on the list are my meat toy, banana toy and a.. weirdly shaped toy. These 3 were bought at Daiso in Vivo City, for only $2 each. Don't worry, the quality is good. It was made for dogs :P

These toys are super soft! And judging by the fact that I haven't killed the squeaker or torn it apart, pretty good quality :D

Toy(s) no. 2. These are the first four toys I ever had! (There's a red ball behind the blue cat.) They are all rubber... this was before mum and family found out that I preferred to bite soft toys instead of rubber ones. They only started buying soft toys for me when they heard from a shih-tzu owning relative that her dog seems to prefer soft toys.

Fun fact: The toys are a little black because before I was house trained, mum put newspapers in my crate in case I peed on the floor. Don't worry, these toys are clean... I would never pee on my toys! Besides, I was house trained in a week! :D

Toy(s) no. 3. Toys mum's mum got me from overseas!

I bit off the butt of the turtle... Oops.

Toy no. 4. This was my Christmas present last year! Or was it the year before...

The three tri-coloured strings used to be in a plait but I solved THAT problem :D

Mum decided to plait them back. Hmph. I am proud to say I
untangled it pretty quickly! :)

Toy(s) no. 5. My colourful toys from PetStages!

I love all of them because they have different textures :D I used to own one with bells in it but I cracked them in the first minute of having them! Hehehe...

Toy(s) no. 6. Mum gave me this green Chomper because it was bone-shaped and looked cute. Humans. I don't really play with it now because it's too tough for my small teeth. These are for big dogs, Mum!

Toy(s) no. 7. Another Christmas present! I think it came with a Christmas tree but I bit that one until the stuffing came out... yikes.

I kept pulling out the scarf, so Mum tied it really really tightly around the bear. Poor strangled guy... :( I bit off part of his ear, as you can see. He looks like half-elf now BOL.

Toy(s) no. 8. A yellow and blue bunny! With freckles. Do bunnies have freckles? I haven't actually met one. Hmm.

Toy(s) no. 9. One of my favourites! It's a good substitute for slippers when I can't find any in the house XD The best thing is, this slipper is small enough to fit in my mouth!

And nope, it doesn't encourage me to bite human slippers at all! Why bother biting with human's when you have your own right?

Toy(s) no. 10. This is the fabric ball I was chewing on in my previous post! It's a ball AND it it's soft! Best of both worlds! :)

Toy(s) no. 11. It's exactly what it looks like. A bunh of old socks tied together to form a sock chain. Mum "donated" her old socks (after washing!) 

How nice of her.

Toy(s) no. 12. You already met my mini carrot! And this is my Carlsberg! Don't worry, I won't get drunk BOL. I wrote about it somewhere in my old blog... This is my second Carlsberg because the first one I had as a puppy was all torn and had to be thrown away.

R.I.P first Carlsberg!

Toy(s) no. 13. A squeaky drumstick! It's rubbery but it squeaks really loudly so I don't mind it that much!

Mum grumbles when I start to run around the house squeaking it loudly at midnight though... I wonder why.

Toy(s) no. 14. Have I mentioned how much I love balls?? The soccer ball on the right is my absolute favourite! It used to be able to squeak but I have destructed it a long time ago. Since it's really small and can roll under the sofa and cabinets and stuff, Mum only lets me play it under supervision...

The ball on the left is a basketball! I can't shoot any hoops though, sad to say. Basketball is NOT one of my talents.

Toy(s) no. 15. I recently acquired some new socks! And a lot of them! About ten :O In different colours, too! These are tied with a knot in the middle... no chain this time. Mum knows I love chewing on knots... :D

Toy(s) no. 16. You all know my new green chicken, of course! (I suddenly notice I have many green toys. WHY?)

And that concludes my huge toy collection! How many are there in total? 25, not including the 10 socks! WOW!

How many toys do you have? :) What are your favourites? I would love to know! :D


Magic said...

Great toy post Muffin! Some of ours have mysteriously disappeared too after we bit holes in them - not sure where they went? My puppies had the Petstages toys just like yours - I think they have been washed for any new pups to enjoy! With 4 dogs in our house you can imagine there are quite a few toys and not so tidily kept as yours - I think we have some in a box, some under chairs and sofas or hidden away - I have lost count :-) woofs and licks from Magic xx

Mollie said...

The disapearing toys Muffin, we have that a lot. Wow you sure have some great stuff. I must say, I would of killed most of those toys though BOL. Have a great Sunday xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

GOOSE said...

Wowzers that is a very nice supply of toys and such variety. I'm not sure how many I have but it fills my toy basket.

Ruby said...

Oh wow, you have some great toys Muffin!! Did I tells you I LOVE balls, too?! Oh, and the squeakier, the better!! I don't know why the peeps get so annoyed at the squeakin' either! It is SO funs!
I have too many toys to count really...I kill some, then maybe some are replaced. Butts I play with ALL my toys, which puzzles Ma.

A Day In The Life Of A Goose said...

Now that is an awesome collection of fabulous toys Muffin! I have a couple of yours too...I especially love the PetStages toys! They are so much fun, squeak, and take a lot to completely and utterly destroy! Hehehe! I have no clue how many toys that I have, but there are never enough!! Muahaha!

Milo Robinson said...

Oh my dog Muffin you have so many toys!! I'm with you on chewing socks, they are ace, mum weren't so happy when i chewed a big hole in her PE socks though :L I love your green chicken, it looks MEGA fun to play with!! My favorite toy at home is my pheasant Nigel, sadly mum still hasn't surgeried him back together :(
Love Milo :)

Kat said...

Wow, what a lucky pup you are! Our dogs are subscribed to a North American service called BarkBox (I've done a few reviews on my blog). Every month, my guys get new toys sent to them from this wonderful company. As if they didn't have enough toys! :P

Kia said...

Wow you have tons of toys! I bet Simba would love to play with you!

Anonymous said...

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Ellan Lima said...

That's quite a lot of toys alright! And they look tested and well-loved already by you. I'm glad your Mom and Dad found out what kind of toys you really liked. On a side note, I know other dogs don't just like soft toys, they like playing with the fluff better so the toys get ripped apart.

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