Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Little White Dog

I went for a walk in the evening with Mum and her dad, and I must say, it was an interesting walk. It started off like any other walk, but as we were walking by a small mall nearby, these few kids approached mum and her dad.

They looked pretty young. About 9 or 10 years old; human years of course! They were super agitated and stuff. I barked once or twice... they got me excited. Of course I didn't bark at them. Why would you think that? Ahem. But I was pretty calm after a short while.

Anyway, the reason they were so hyper was because they had found a little white dog tied to the branch of a small bush nearby, right outside the entrance of the mall. They suspected it had been abandoned and wanted to find help.

Here, mum shall continue the story: Of course, I wanted to see the dog and see what to do. I suspect the children approached us because they saw we were walking a dog and would know what to do. I passed Muffin's leash to my dad, who continued Muffin's walk while I stayed and checked out the dog. The first thing I did was to check whether he (it was an unspayed male) had a collar. 

He did,, but it did not have any tags; just the leash attached to it. The leash was wrapped around the branch and not very tightly at that. Just tight enough so the dog wouldn't be able to escape by himself.

The dog was relatively healthy (not underweight or overweight, no fleas, etc) and was quite friendly, though I could see that it was nervous; his tail was tucked between his legs. The dog was well-cared for and I doubted anyone would just abandon him like that.

I made conversation with the children, mostly the girl (the rest were boys). Apparently, her parents were dining at an outdoor restaurant nearby. She told me she had been there for a 'long time', though I am not sure how long it was. She also told me she already had two dogs at home, so keeping the dog was not an option.

I told her the owner might have just decided to pop into the mall and left the dog outside, planning to return later. Though it was extremely irresponsible, it was quite possible. After 5 to 10mins, my suspicion was confirmed as a man approached.

He silently unwrapped the leash and picked up the dog, who was jumping around in excitement. I left after seeing the owner approach. However, I am appalled at how anyone would so irresponsible to just leave their dog alone like that. What if someone decided to keep the dog and take him away? Or what if the dog somehow managed to escape? There was a busy road not far away. The dog didn't even have an identification tag!

I know I would never just leave Muffin alone like that. I highly doubt many responsible dog owners would too. It is people like these who should learn how to be a responsible dog owner before actually owning one....

However, I am really touched by how those kids cared for the dog and actually bothered to seek help. I am amazed at their compassion, especially since they are still so young.

Muffin here! I can't believe someone would abandon that dog like that! Anyway, that's how my New Year walk went. Pretty eventful huh? :)

P.S. Sorry about the lack of pictures! :(


GOOSE said...

Totally agree that it is very irresponsible to leave the dog like that. So many not very good things could have happened. But I am glad those kids cared enough to seek help when they thought something was wrong.

Ruby said...

Oh, that's terriable. Poor pups! I feel sorry for the little guy. Some people should really not own dogs.
I'm with Goose, I am warmed by the fact that those kids knew something wasn't right and went to go get help. Very nice indeed!
I hopes you and your peeps have a great New Years Muffin!


Milo Robinson said...

That is terrible tying a dog outside like that! My mum would never ever do that!! It's a good job your mummy is so caring and waited with the little dog until his owner came, and well done to the kids that found him!!
Love Milo :)

Mollie said...

OMD anyone could of taken that little dog. I'm so pleased the owner finally turned up. Some people hay! xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

Oskar said...

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Nubbin wiggles,

Muffin :D said...

Thanks a lot for the offer, Oskar! :)